Established in 2001, Ibnsina Pharma is Egypt’s fastest-growing and second-largest pharmaceutical distributor. The company distributes a competitive portfolio of pharmaceutical products from over 350 Egyptian and multinational companies to more than 35,000 customers including pharmacies, hospitals, retail outlets, and wholesalers. Its nationwide distribution network with 55 operational sites, including distribution hubs and central warehouses, is supported by a fleet of c. 600 vehicles.

With a market share of 18.8% as of September 2017, the company is a pioneer in introducing value-added services for its customers including telesales, same-day-delivery, and creative commercial activities, in addition to third-party logistics services.

ISPH Sustainability Report

  • INFRASTRUCTURE Vast network of state-of-the-art facilities with an aggregate footprint of over 67 thousand sqm.
  • COMPLEXITY Warehousing and logistics services covering over 9,500 SKUs and 375,000 orders per month.
  • QUALITY A customer-centric approach and a reputation for outstanding service and client satisfaction.