Share & Corporate Information

Share & Corporate Information


Currency Egyptian Pound (EGP)
Market Egyptian Stock Exchange (EGX)
Sector Health Care & Pharmaceuticals
Ticker ISPH.CA
ISIN Code EGS512O1C012
Date of Listing 8 / 11 / 2017
Number of Listed Shares 1,120,000,000
Par Value / Share 0.25 EGP (twenty five piasters)
Authorized Capital 1,000,000,000 EGP (one billion Egyptian Pounds)
Issued Capital 280,000,000 EGP (two hundred and eighty million Egyptian Pounds)
Paid-Up Capital 280,000,000 EGP (two hundred and eighty million Egyptian Pounds)

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Ibnsina Pharma’s shareholders include prominent members of the Egyptian business community and large institutional shareholders that have allowed the company to significantly enhance its corporate governance practices and systems. The company’s shareholders include the Mahgoub family (13.0%), the Abdel Gawad family (13.5%), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) (8.7%), and Faisal Islamic Bank (12.6%). Other shareholders, including members of its senior management team, collectively (5.2%), treasury (10.0%), and free float (37.4%).

Corporate Information

Year Founded 2001
Commercial Registration Number Commercial Registration number 10724 dated 28/8/2017 Commercial Registry Office, Cairo
Fiscal Year 1 January - 31 December
Law of Governance Law (159) 1981
Purpose of Company Ibnsina Pharma is a public company, listed on Egyptian Exchange (EGX) since December 2017. Ibnsina Pharma operates within the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology & life sciences sector focusing on pharmaceuticals. Ibn Sina Pharma is based in Cairo, Egypt
Auditor Name Khaled El Ghannam, Eissa Refai & Co.
Headquarters Obour City, Industrial Zone 1, Block 12015, Egypt
Subsidiaries AIM for Investment and Consulting in Healthcare
Board of Directors - Abdel Aziz Ali
- Mohsen Mahgoub
- Raafat Moqbel Hussein
- Mahmoud Abdel Gawad
- Omar Abdel Gawad
- Ahmed Abdel Gawad
- Mohamed Mahgoub
- Mohamed Zaki
- Ahmed Elnawawi
- Hoda Wally