Corporate Governance


Ibnsina Pharma believes commitment to corporate governance is a role shared not only by its Board of Directors and management team, but by every member of staff. It feels strongly that sound, transparent corporate governance is the key to long-term success and business sustainability. For Ibnsina Pharma, this success has been strongly rooted by the sound and balanced guidance of its Board of Directors and committees, which are made up of both executive and independent members functioning as watchdogs and playing a vital role in risk management.

Under the guidance of its Chairman, the 10-member Board of Directors includes three standing committees: the Audit Committee, Business Development Committee, and Remuneration Committee. Formal charters and established policies outline the role of each committee and guide their execution. Open communication between directors and the committees in which they hold seats fosters effective oversight. In conjunction with the Executive Committee and Business Review Committee, this configuration makes for an efficient leadership structure that thrives to uphold continuous improvement.

Ibnsina Pharma Corporate Governance